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Spice up your teaching with Tebo. Collect learning content and track student progress. Also find new content from amazing teachers and be recognized for sharing yours.

Create And Share Inspiring Learning Content

Create interactive quizzes and worksheets on Tebo to engage your students. They get instant feedback on results and you can track their progress. Share your files on Tebo too and track how are students actually using these.

Share your learning items on Tebo with your students and with the world. Build your profile in the teacher professional network and show your best content. Use the content from other teachers to inspire your students.

Sounds awesome? Well… thank you! We have built Tebo over 2 years with 400 teachers, principals and students. It's now ready for you. Enjoy.

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Spice up your teaching with Tebo

Collect your content

Imagine all your learning content in one place. You files, links, and tests. And all your cool discoveries - slides, videos, learning games. Collect these for yourself and share with your teacher network.

Find new content

Teachers share their content on Tebo teacher network and you can use it all! Be inspired by new ideas, videos, games, interactive worksheets etc. Simply browse the library and save what you like.

Share with students

You can easily share anything in Tebo. The content you upload or what you find from other teachers. Add your students to Tebo and track how they are actually using what you share with them.

Test your students

With Tebo tests and quizzes you save time on grading work. Students solve your tests online and you can view the class results. See the analytics graphs or view all the answers of each student.

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Build your profile on teacher network

Make an impact

Upload your materials to affect the learning of hundreds of students in your country. Imagine the impact you can make with your content.

Be proud

Build your teacher portfolio and show your content. Each time someone uses that content it refers to you. Gain the respect of students, parents and other teachers.

Make money

We pay for the most popular content. So upload your best presentations, docs, and everything you think is useful for others. If they use it a lot we pay you for it.

Simplify your work

Share your content and set an example. More teachers will follow and you will benefit from their files. The more teachers join the more content you will have.

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  • Collect content (unlimited storage) - save all your files and collect interesting findings from internet
  • Create (unlimited) groups and add your students - share your content with them
  • Create (10 free) Tebo quizzes and assignments for students
  • Try collecting student assignments (10 free)
  • Use (30 free) learning items from other teachers
  • Build your profile and share your content with the world


$ 9 / month
  • Collect content (unlimited storage)
  • Unlimited groups and students
  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Unlimited assignments
  • Collect assignments
  • Unlimited learning from other teachers


$ 9 / month per teacher
  • Choose the number of teachers you want to give premium access
  • Example start with 15 premium licences (change the number any time)
  • We'll arrange a webinar for teachers basic training
  • All premium features
  • Unlimited access to all learning content